Saturday, July 1, 2017

Thankful Things Vacation Edition (With Lots of Pictures)

This was the first week back to work for Matt after two weeks of vacation. I've also begun caring for a friend's 3 month old son since she returned to work a few weeks ago so it's been a busy few weeks. I am thankful for Matt's vacation and all the fun family time we were able to have while he was home.

We've did several nature hikes.

And spent a lot of time at the nearby playgrounds.

We also went swimming at the local pond for the first time this summer.

Two weeks ago, we spent an afternoon/evening with Matt's sister Stacey, her husband Steve and their son Patrick. It's always fun spending time with them but this time there was a special reason for getting together, Patrick left a few days later for boot camp as he has joined the Army National Guard.

I'm also thankful for our church family and the wonderful things we get to do together to bring God's word to our local community. On the last Sunday in June, we had our Sunday service outside at a local park. It was such a great experience.

I got to teach the elementary school group and we had a lot of fun learning about how Jesus called his Disciples to become fishers of men. We played a couple of fun games after reading the corresponding section of Scripture (Luke 5:1-11) and it felt almost like a mini Vacation Bible School.

I'm so excited to do this all again at the end of July and I can't wait to see what we come up with to do with the kids.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. This was such a wonderful TToT along with all the fun photos, Elizabeth, I was smiling all the way through it! I know how much you enjoyed having your husband home with you and the kids for awhile, and a more relaxed schedule for all. It looks like such fun adventures, and great memories being made.

    I can imagine that a 3 month old baby in the house has required a bit of adjustment, but is fun too. At that age everything is just beginning to draw their attention!

    I have always loved church in the park events, they are very inviting to the community and such a beautiful setting for worship! I know the kids had a great time and the July one will surely be the same. Where I grew up there used to be sunrise and sunset church services at the lakeshore on occasion, and it was so perfect!

    Prayers to Patrick as he goes through the boot camp process and begins serving in the National Guard. As a mom, it was hard to know what my son was experiencing now almost twenty years ago, but he matured a lot from his time in the military and learned air traffic control which has become an excellent occupation that he loves. He now works as an air traffic controller for the DoD at Ft. Campbell, KY and resides in Nashville. I like the National Guard, not only for their military presence, but also for the many times they are involved in helping communities during times of crisis and disaster. A good choice!

    Blessings to you in the week ahead, enjoy your summer!

  2. Hi, Elizabeth. It is nice to connect via this blog hop. I've been away awhile and I'm happy to be back, at least this week to read everyone's Ten Things of Thankful post. Wonderful family time and photos, too. My father-in-law was a colonel in the Army National Guard and it was a good life and retirement for him and his family. I wish all of you well. It will be nice to have a baby around again and the mom is lucky to have a dedicated mama (you) to watch her little one.

  3. Excellent TToT! I always admire people who are able to combine photos with a list that results in it being an illustrative narrative rather than pictures + list. Much more personal a feeling.
    Have fun in July

  4. Nice list! Prayers for success in boot camp! Hope the remainder of the summer is just as great as this past week! Zoe/ivy

  5. What a great playground your children were able to enjoy! The climbing structures at parks just keep getting better and better.
    I'm glad you were able to spend some time with Matt's sister and family. When I realized our son was going to go into the military, it was very hard for me to feel good about his decision, but fortunately I was able to get past those feelings fairly quickly, knowing it was his choice and his life. It has been a good choice for him.
    Parks are great places for teaching children, often in ways that aren't as easy to do in a room in a building. Children sometimes find it easier to invite a friend to do something at a park than into a more structured classroom setting.


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