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Davis' Rubber Eggs Science Experiment

One of Davis' favorite subjects has always been science and in particular he loves hands on experiments so now that we're homeschooling, we plan to do a lot of these. Since he enjoyed creating the Neighborhood Nature Tour video, we decided to set up the camera while he did this cool experiment too.

I actually saw a video of this experiment on Facebook before we did it and it was so simple that I didn't bookmark the video or website for the instructions however, I'm now seeing many variations on different science websites so we may have to revisit this one and see how the variations turn out.

As always, please feel free to leave feedback with advice or new experiments you'd like to see Davis try. Thanks for visiting and viewing his videos!

We're Homeschooling!

Davis has been asking about being homeschooled for a couple years now and honestly it's something that I had looked into when he was still an infant but it just didn't make sense for our family until recently.

Over the last 18 months, our family has been through many big changes including Matt's job loss and recovery from alcoholism, moving in with friends for 8 months, Matt making a career change, moving into our own apartment, Davis switching schools and many other more minor changes as well.  While some of these changes were very good and some not so good, all of this has been stressful and it has definitely taken it's toll on all of us.

Davis in particular has never handled big changes as easily as some people seem to so all of this has sort of created a large amount of stress and anxiety for him. Couple that with the fact that he honestly gets bored easily in a traditional public school setting (through no fault of the public school itself or his teachers) and we…

Neighborhood Nature Tour

Davis recently recorded a series of videos that the edited along with pictures into a YouTube video guiding people through the nature he has found in our own neighborhood. While I held the camera and showed him how to use the editing software, he did all the actual writing and directing as well as the editing to create this video.

We were really lucky to see a bald eagle and some smaller birds as well as some beautiful river views and we discovered a small creek nearby where we hope to see some other animals in the future.

He had a lot of fun filming and editing this so hopefully we will be doing more of them in the future. We would love to hear what you think of this video and if you have any advice or topics for future videos.

New Beginnings!

Welcome to my newest blogging project!

I have started and worked on several blogs and gone back and forth between different platforms in an attempt to find what suits me best and I have decided that for now, using blogger for free makes the most sense for me.

At this point, if you haven't read my previous blogs you're probably wondering who I am so let me introduce myself and my family.

I'm Elizabeth and I have been married to Matt for 4 1/2 years (will be 5 in August). Together we are raising two boys, Davis who is 9 and Tyrion who is 2. (And yes, we did get his name from Game of Thrones)  We all love to read, spend time outdoors, play board games and watch movies together.

I am a work from home mom who loves Jesus, coffee, books, crafts and the outdoors. Growing up I never really imagined myself being a mom at all let alone a boy mom, but now I couldn't imagine my life any other way.

Writing is my passion so I am actively pursuing opportunities to write as much as po…