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Ten Things of Thankful

It's been a couple weeks since I've taken the time to write about things I'm thankful for and I find I've missed it. There is always a lot to be thankful for but taking the time to write about it makes me think about it more and therefore appreciate it more.

I am always thankful for public libraries, since both Matt and I love to read and now our boys are devouring books we would definitely go broke if we had to actually purchase all the books we go through.

Without our public libraries, homeschooling would be much harder. I was able to borrow our history curriculum (for the beginning of the year at least) from neighboring libraries.

It's not just about the books though, both boys participate in a variety of programs at different libraries nearby. These programs include story times, sensory play times, book clubs, science groups, and many more.

And this summer, our favorite local library has baby chicks! We were lucky enough to be there one day last week when the first of them hatched so we got to watch the process and it was amazing.

This past week, Davis was able to attend a free 3 day camp at the Apple Store near us where he learned about videography and how to create his own movies using the iMovie app. He had a lot of fun and learned a lot so hopefully we'll begin adding new youtube videos soon. (Check out the new we already have here)

This week, Davis is attending a Vacation Bible School at a nearby church. He's attended the same one for several years now and it's always really big and a lot of fun. As a bonus, quite a few of our friends bring their kids to the same VBS so he usually has a few friends there, even if they're not in the same group.

I love having the opportunity to work with the kids at our church. There's something so fulfilling about teaching the next generation of believers and we get to do some really fun lessons. I teach a cooking workshop and this past week we were working on the story of Jonah. The way they tied the food into the story was really cool.

All the photos in this post were shared on my Instagram account within the last couple weeks, follow me there to see more pictures of our daily adventures.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. This is just awesome, Elizabeth! I've been in love with libraries since my mom took me to the first one before I started school... all those books, I was in Heaven! That love has never left me and I know that I've learned as much or moRE from reading than I ever did in school!

    It's awesome that your local libraries offer such wonderful programs and activities for the kids to participate in, watching a baby chicken hatch out is pretty cool! I loved those natural building blocks too. I've got to head over and check out the videos, kudos to Apple for offering a great class!

    Bible School was always a fun part of our summer so I know why Davis loves it, a great faith-based experience. It's wonderful that you are helping out too, the treats were adorable and looked yummy!

    I am impressed with your resourcefulness in finding outside activities and groups that your home-schooled kids can take part in to round out their learning experiences and share with others. One of Papa Bear's granddaughter's is also homeschooled and it's proven to be the perfect choice for her, it's been great mother-daughter time too!

    Have a blessed week ahead, I'm headed over to make sure that I'm following you on Instagram!

  2. You and your family sound as busy as ever. Lots of great fun being had I can tell. The best is everything a library offers, to children and adults alike. Enjoy.

  3. I enjoyed watching Davis' youtube videos. He does an excellent job presenting these experiments.
    Although home schooling wasn't in mode when my children were young, we did make use of the public library on a regular basis. I love those rocks and tree limb building materials.
    Great photos that show how much joy these activities bring your boys.


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