Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kenoza Lake: Merrill Trail Exploration

Matt, Davis, Tyrion and I all love to spend time outdoors so we typically spend a lot of time in the warmer months exploring local walking trails.  The problem is we tend to stick to the same familiar spaces and while it's still enjoyable, it's not nearly as exciting as exploring someplace new.  So our goal for this year is to explore more of the nearby trails.

This goal was inspired by a book Matt was given by a co-worker which has information on a variety of trails in Haverhill.  We plan to work our way through the book this year.

Kenoza Lake Trail Map

Last weekend we started this exploration process by trying out a new trail around our favorite lake. We've spent a lot of time on the trail around the Basin and on parts of the Castle Trail but it wasn't until we looked at the trail map in the book we received that we realized how many different trails there are around Kenoza Lake (and how long some are).

We decided to start off on the other side of the lake for a change of pace so we chose the Merrill Trail. We only finished part of it because it was pretty muddy and Tyrion was getting tired. We're definitely going to look into a backpack carrier for him for future hikes so if anyone has any advice on those it would be greatly appreciated.

Now on to the pictures because that's the best part.
A small brook near the lake. 
 This brook was actually across the street from the trail entrance, you never know where you'll find great little natural nooks to check out. 

The boys checking out the brook. 

One of many great views. 

Tyrion saying, "Come on guys!"
And they're off!

A view of the lake.

Matt took this one of Tyrion,
just before he threw the stick into the water.  

The lake from a different angle.

The boys were excited to find this wooden foot bridge. 

He wasn't a fan of the bugs. 

Tyrion was intrigued by the moss. 

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